Thursday, 1 March 2012

[Video Review] Why I Believe The Return Of DBSK

Hello there ^^ Just wanna share this video fanmade to you. When i watched it i automatically bursted into tears!
The video is simple but full of quotes from TVXQ members regarding their loves to TVXQ itself. It is really heart touching. Moreover, the backsound is 'Stand by U'.
For you, Cassiopeia who still keep the faith, it a must watch....

after that i wrote this article according the quotes inside the video *yes, i took the quote pics fr the video*. so, this short confession is orginally made by me.

Lastly, Always Keep The Faith!
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Cassiopeia ...
Did you guys realize, how much TVXQ influence your life?

Honestly we can not measure how much impact they have on our lives, but they certainly are our inspiration, our idol, our lives .. We can not even imagine what if TVXQ did not exist.



TVXQ .. Whether you love them? Of all members, is there any member that you dislike?
Of course! We really love them .. member that we dislike? No. No. Probably there are some of us who could not like a certain member of our first time to be Cassiopeia, but that all changed over time. The feeling was growing ever since we love all the members. Of course, because Cassiopeia exist for five of them, not just a particular member.


What do you think about the members of TVXQ?
Such as color, they are unique and different. But complementary. Always encouraging one another, sharing with each other. They love each other, as well as between Cassiopeia and TVXQ.

~talked at glance about color~
Yunho is gray. Grey is a blend of black & white. Yunho also like that, always positioning himself in the middle and stay calm. It has the power to unite us all - Junsu
Jaejoong is green. Very fresh right? Initially pale green as young leaves, then gradually become dark green. The leaves are also getting bigger. Green also has a sense of calm, very suitable for him - Yunho
Yoochun is the rainbow. In addition to having a lot of variety charms, every day he was always changing the color. - Yunho
Yoochun is a rainbow, he has mixed feelings - Changmin
Junsu is pink. Although full of passion, but it doesn't suitable if we call him as red. He has a bit of tenderness as well. - Yunho
When Changmin, not only looks but his heart is black. Hahaha ... Just kidding. He is white, like an angel. Hmm, but more accurate to say he has no color because he has unique properties and different. Maybe black suits him well. – Junsu


What makes the five of them are so different from the others in the eyes of you?
When the five of them sing together, to unite the voice of each other, there's something special created. Along with their perfect harmony, our heart is warmth and full of love. It feels good. Very good.



So how do you feel to see them now? Separated into two? JYJ and TVXQ?
It's hurt .. really ..


There is someone who hurt your feelings by saying "TVXQ is not exist anymore!", "TVXQ's over, right?", "JYJ is JYJ, TVXQ is TVXQ They are different!', '' Why are you so stubborn? Said that they still together? ". What would you say?
Although they are not in the same place, it does not mean they parted. They're just struggling with their own way towards the same purpose. How can you say that they are different? JYJ is part of TVXQ. Although they are separate, they still TVXQ. Forever TVXQ.


So, what do you want most now, Cassies?
Of course we want five of them back! TVXQ5 back! Not only now, But forever! Forever!


Message to them?
Oppa! We are still here .. waiting for you! Waiting for you! Hurry back, and treat us with your pure love! You are the ones we need .. Although our hearts are hurt because of separation that occurred, but we'll keep waiting, still love you .. continue to believe that there will be a miracle. HOPE TO THE END ~ ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH ..



YEP, What all we need to do just keep our faith to TVXQ5. They'll comeback. Surely. So, what all we need is just waiting for them and support them..

No matter where you are,
no matter who you are being with,
no matter what kind of dream you are dreaming of,
or what you are doing and laughing at,
I will be here forever.
Even now, I right am here,
believing in a day that we will meet again.

This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of.
This feeling won't change,
and you are the only one I'm thinking of..

Tohoshinki - Stand by U


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Video Credit : nathypecopeco2 
Article credit : Hello!Cass