Tuesday, 29 November 2011

[Letters] Love Message from Miss_Sanzo for "YOU" Cassiopeia

yes you

you who fall in love with their faces
you who fall in love with their dances
you who fall in love with their songs
you who fall in love with their bond
you who fall in love with them

you who laugh at oyagi gags you don’t even understand
you who think that the leader is so cool and compose
you who close your eyes at the sound of the lead singer’s voice
you who enjoy seeing the youngest terrorizing his hyungs
you who worry at the sight of the pale sick crybaby

you who make banners late at night
you who memorize songs in language you don’t even speak
you who scream at the sight of them
you who chant their name while holding the red balloons
you who brim with pride seeing the red oceans

you who borrow parents’ credit card to buy their album
you who paste their posters on the wall
you who smile at videos of them in variety shows
you who vote for them more than once in every nomination
you who spend hours watching fancams and wish you were there

you who stare blankly at the night sky at the news
you who keep denying that this is happening
you who shut yourself in your room for days
you who dream horrible nightmares when you close your eyes
you who feel that your heart is tearing apart

you who fight with strangers online because you hate the misunderstanding
you who create a twitter account just so you can say ‘hwaiting’
you who re-watch their old videos while smiling to yourself
you who still cry at ‘proud’ no matter how many times you watch it
you who believe that nine years mean a great deal

you who hurt because they are hurt
you who are breaking apart but keep on gluing the heart
you who know your faith are thinning but you don’t want to let go
you who still hold on and always keep the faith
you who never grow tired of waiting

you who love them for ten thousand reasons
you who love them exceptionally
you who love them without even knowing why
you who love them with no turning back
you who love them as they are

you who love the number  5
you who always wish to see them together
you who always pray for them
you who stand for them till the end
you who hold red glow stick

you who never doubt
you who wait
you who never give up
you who believe
you who love

you who love kim jaejoong
you who love park yoochun
you who love shim changmin
you who love kim junsu
you who love jung Yunho

you who love hero
you who love micky
you who love max
you who love xiah
you who love u-know

you who love dong bang shin ki
you who love tohoshinki
you who love the gods of the east
you who love JYJ+HOMIN
you who love J+Y+J+H+M

you who cry in the middle of the night or so early in the morning or even at random times just at the mention of their names, you who hurt so much but know they hurt much more, you who want to give up but keep on coming back, you who keep on shouting ‘hwaiting, gambatte, be strong’ despite your own tears,

thank you
because of you
i am holding on too

Cr : Megumi CasiElf

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